Meet the Trainer

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Adam To

National Strength & Conditioning Association – Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)
AAAI-ISMA- CPT (American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association- Certified Personal Trainer)
• International Health and Nutrition Coach

Personal Interests & Hobbies:
1. Bodybuilding
2. Self-Improvement & Discovery
3. Networking
4. Art
5. Music Dance Festivals

Special Credentials / Accomplishments:
1. National Strength & Conditioning Association – Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)
2. Has helped an individual dropped –125 pounds in one year.


3. Personally coached a CIF Tennis Athlete Contender during the years of 2012-2013.


Prior to finding a new life in Fitness, Adam has always been an introvert and self-secluded guy. He went to lapse of depression and was undoing a severe case of acne in his high-school years. Confident was no-where to be found in Adam’s life at the time till he made the decision to change after he had graduated high school.

Sickened and fed-up with his negative mindset, he picked up weight-training in late 2007. Adam wanted others to focus on his muscle-appearance than rather at his face when he had the severe case of acne. Within 1 year, he was able to put-on thirty pounds of muscle mass leaving him from 130 pounds to 160. He was able to find some confident within himself and had found that fitness had changed his life.
He then decides to embark on a journey to help others unlock their true potentials and find confidents within themselves, like he did, with the power of fitness. That was when he enrolled into an accelerated Personal Training course at a private academy in Orange, CA to be a certified personal trainer.

Taught and trained hands-on from a popular Kinesiology conditioning-specialist, Adam graduated and wanted to use his skills by working at a local commercial gym in the fall of 2012. At the beginning of 2013 was when Adam realized that he wanted to perform better to the needs of his clients by branching out and being an independent trainer with his own style after being at the commercial gym during that eight-months period.

Driven by passion, Adam launched and founded his personal training service, Aesthetic Bodies OC, at a private gym in Irvine, CA in May of 2013. Adam and Aesthetic Bodies OC use their cutting-edge personal training techniques to help clients surpass their goals to achieve their ideal aesthetically pleasing bodies by customizing different programs to clients with numerous and specific goals.

What do I like most about what I am offering?

I pay close attention to details when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I keep clients accountable with their schedule, goals and tasks. Every month I do a body-fat measurement test to keep clients in check of the goals that they have given themselves to see if we are making progress or have plateau or going the opposite direction. In addition, the workout variety changes week after week. I provide highly effective exercises that constantly challenge clients weeks in, weeks out. I make it fun, enjoyable and challenging to both gender in all age group. I throw one big party at the end of the year if clients remain to stay through the whole holiday season with me. Lastly, everyone is given a custom shirt or tank of their size to start their workout and is taken care of from start to finish.