Mobility Performance

Increasing Flexibility & Range of Motion

Mobility is easily overlooked when it comes to Fitness. We slowly lose our ability to bend and be pain-free the moment we grow up. The importance of keeping us mobile so we can live and move pain-free naturally. With the help of Adam’s foam rolling, exercise band, and bodyweight mobility exercises, one can find that his or her ability to move freely after many series of practice.

Adult Men & Women. Expect to pay: $35-45 per hour depending on how many days they are committed to train with Adam.

Tight hips, back, shoulders and knees are often common to find on an average human being. Due to our long work hours or studying in our relaxing creation, the chair, our hips become accustomed to the chair, our low back becomes weak, our shoulder frowns forward, our chest muscle become tight and our knees are never getting enough range of motion and work due to lack of movements. With the help of basic moves from Adam to practice, one can acquire his or her mobility in 60-90 days when practicing 3-5 times per day. Being able to bend like a rubber band is quite a skill to acquire for a human being. The more and more we become mobile, we are less likely to be involve with any pain unless something tragic happens to us.

Any other incentives for why the reader should act now?
Upon signing up your first month, you will receive a FREE T- shirt or tank top with the colors of either Black or Red so you can start training as soon as possible.

Consultations are completely free and they are complimentary for 50 minutes.

During the consultation it is best to ask anything that you may have concern about:

  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Habits
  • Fitness
  • Health

Adam wants his clients to know that they are well taken care of from start to finish. Time is very valuable, Adam knows how to utilize your time and make the hour go by in a heartbeat. During that time, you’ll find yourself dripping in seat, sore and beyond satisfied. With consistency for ninety days or more encouraged, you will see results when listening to what Adam asks you to do from time to time. On his days off or off-hours, he will randomly checks in on you on how you are doing or feeling. He does work with a Certified Nutritionist if one were to take their nutrition and dedication up a notch or have any concerns on how to achieve his or her goals at a much faster pace when working alongside with a professional.