About ABOC

Established in 2013...

Driven by passion, Aesthetic Bodies OC was launched in May of 2013 by Adam at a private gym in Irvine, CA. Prior to the launch, Adam was working at a local commercial gym in the fall of 2012. At the beginning of 2013 was when Adam realized that he wanted to perform better to the needs of his clients by branching out and being an independent trainer. With the tools he had learned from his NSCA certification, he was able to conduct fitness at its peak by customizing different programs to clients with numerous and specific goals. Adam had a vision; he wanted to spread true awareness about fitness, health, nutrition, balance and overall well-being to the clients that sought out for his assistance.


Quality. I put a lot of quality into my work to educate my clients the true form about Fitness, health, and wellness. You won’t find someone who cares about clients’ well being as more as me. I have successfully coached clients with both gender and at different ages on how to successfully move, mobilize, and function through the power of my coaching.

Effective. Fun. Energizing. Unique. Balance. Fast Gain Results!